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[OFFICIAL] BTOB Minhyuk – Teaser Photo For ‘Move’ 2048x1363


140921 王中磊

Wang Zong Lei, CEO of China’s biggest entertainment company Huayi Brothers Media Corp. , reposted the photo with Zhang Ziyi, Wu Yifan and Su Mang.


FALL WEATHER<3 가을여자로변신!! 오늘 서현이 의 노래 불러요!! Don’t miss us on 인기가요! #SEOBABY #TTS #ONLYU #태티서가을여자 #BURBERRY
[TRANS by Kymmie] FALL WEATHER<3 [We’ve] transformed into fall ladies!! We’re singing Seohyun-ie’s song today!! Don’t miss us on Inkigayo! #SEOBABY #TTS #ONLYU #TaeTiSeoFallLadies#BURBERRY
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softly touching lips, a kiss that sweetly melts like cotton candy. i’ll close my eyes for you, so i can only hear you 


72/100 of sica trying to kill me

↪ 117-118 / ?? of lee hyori


f a s h i o n l o c k e r

Jessica for SOUP 2014


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